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Puddings puddings everywhere.

May 24, 2012

Ok, we have a confession. We are a little naughty.

On Tuesday at 11am we had some people over and we ate pudding for lunch. Not just one pudding but MANY puddings. We had Tiramisu, Rhubarb and Apple Cobbler, Lemon Posset with Wakelin House Almond and Hazelnut Biscotti (made by the lovely Jo of L’affaire au Chocolat), Lemon Tart, Carrello del Gelato, Piako frozen yoghurt, Sticky date Pudding from Zuleika, Apple Quarters Blackberry and Apple Cobbler and Earl Grey infused chocolate baby cupcakes made by Katie of KTea.

Can you imagine the guilt on my face while writing that list of many puddings?

The idea stemmed from Erin’s Pudding Club. Once a month Erin and her pudding friends get together, all make a pudding and then eat a little bit of every single one then rate who’s is the best. The winner gets the prized hand mixer trophy until the next pudding club. When Erin told the Urban Harvest team about her pudding club everyone was fair to say a little envious so the decision was made to celebrate puddings as a team and invite a few guests along.

Best idea ever!

Urging you all to hold your own pudding night or lunch some time soon.

Here are some of the recipes from the Urban Harvest ‘Pudding for lunch’ event.

Rhubarb and Apple Cobbler (the recipe was slightly modified from this Donna Hay recipe. Some of the Rhubarb was replaced with chunks of apple and was served with custard)

Made with Imago’s delicious organic rhubarb grown locally in Levin, and their organic Granny Smith apples.

Blackberry Clafouti with Piako lemon curd frozen yoghurt.

Lime and Lemon Posset: “Posset” refers to an old English drink made in a way that’s similar to this simple pudding. It is much like a clotted cream. We had the added special touch of a little of Jo’s chocolate grated over top.

Of course Carrello del Gelato. You must have a wee side of this next to your puddings. Gingernut flavor is our current fave but they are all tasty tasty.

Tink’s Tirimisu was also a hit! She is away at the moment but I will be sure to get that treats recipe to you all as soon as she gets back.

Have a happy weekend!

Love the team who will all be working off their puddings this weekend.

Urban Harvest

and shout outs to Erin’s pudding club for the inspiration.

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