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Fire Dragon Chillies

May 28, 2012

Welcome to Clint and his hot and spicy baby, Fire Dragon Chillies to the Urban Harvest ranks.

Clint’s hot sauce love story starts with a trip overseas where he got addicted to very hot chilli sauces. Upon his return to NZ he could not find anything that satisfied his hot chilli thirst so the NZ ingenuity kicked in and he started creating some himself. He grows chillies using organic principles and turns them into hot sauce.

What started as a hobby has now turned into a business, Fire Dragon Chillies now produce the HOTTEST natural chilli sauce in New Zealand – R20 Dragons Fury.

Here is a video to show you just how hot Dragons Fury really is –


We have the range available online. Five sauces with different ratings and different ideas for use.

Dragons Fury – Made from the hottest chillies in the world, the Trinidad Scorpian Butch T with Bhus and Nagas.

Deadly Chilli Sauce – Made from Bhut Jolokia, Bih Jolokia, Nagas and habaneros. Great in curries, Bloody Mary’s and marinades.

Gourmet Chilli Sauce – Central American style sauce. Goes great with anything that needs a bit of heat.

Xtra Hot Chilli Sauce – Made from the hottest yellow chillies. Great with fish, chicken or put a spot on your eggs in the morning.

Bhuty Black Taniwha – Made with Black Nagas, Chocolate Bhuts and some secret chillies. Great as part of a marinade and in asian style recipes.

Here are some interesting facts about chillies –

  • The capsaicin in chillies is what is responsible for the heat. The hotter the chilli pepper the more capsaicin it contains.
  • Milk is the quickest and easiest solution to cool the heat from too much chilli. Plain rice, yoghurt and ice cream also do a good job. Water can help but most of the time it just washes those capsaicinoids around your mouth so it will keep on burning.
  • Chillies are excellent for your immune system because they are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  • They can help with the common cold by clearing congestion.
  • Chillies are great for diabetics as meals containing chilli don’t require as much insulin to break the food down.

Learn more about chillies on the Fire Dragon Chilli website and be sure to jump online to Urban Harvest to get your chilli sauce fix.


Urban Harvest


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